Ellen's Pilates-fit based program is like no other Pilates group class in the Davie or Cooper City area. She fused the principles of Joseph Pilates' core work and her own vast fitness expertise as an Exercise Physiologist. This workout includes strengthening and stretching exercises that is designed to develop the body's core, improve spinal mobility and build flexibility, all through a strong mind and body connection.

Core strength is the foundation of Pilates exercises, while the focus is on quality of movement rather that the amount of reps performed or weights lifted. This creates strength without bulk. By working the body evenly, no muscles are ever over or under-trained, which helps correct muscle imbalances and prevents future injuries.

Don't just think this is for the ladies either. By creating core strength, men can improve their golf drive, running speed, prevent and recover from injury and maintain activity level for the sport of their choice.

Each person has his/her own Pilates Gym set-up. A Reformer, A Half-Trapeze, A Combo Chair. and a Barrel.

      • "In 10 Sessions You Will Feel The Difference"
      • "In 20 Sessions You Will See The Difference "
      • "In 30 Sessions You Will Have An Entire New Body"
Your hips, butt and thighs resist a spring load. tight-tight-tight hips butt and thighs
All movement is directed from the abdominal wall also known as the "Powerhouse". A well-toned six-pack.
Your spine is constantly elongated. You'll probably gain 1/2" in height or have "a dancer's physique".
The strength and flexibility of your chest and back are balanced. Goodbye backache. Hello great posture!
Your arms are challenged in so many directions. Dramatically sculpted arms.