Ballet Barre in Davie, FL

Our creative format uses ballet Barres, bands, weights, balls and cushion supports which will give you pure body sculpting. Achieve a dancer’s long lean body with strong legs, lean core and a tight tush. This is a popular workout because you burn fat and calories and you’re stretching and toning your muscles-all in the same workout.  The idea is strengthen your muscles and then stretch them for a slender body without the bulk. Your body is constantly engaged in this high–intensity and low impact workout.  


Series of sitting and standing Barre routines Sculpting of all the hard to hit muscle groups, the same dancers achieve
Light dumbbell endurance sequences To tighten any flab from arms, shoulders and back
Ankle weights lower body series Hips, thighs and butt for your skinny jeans

"Ballet Barre"